From my Home to Yours!

Your home for simple, quick and nutritious treats for your Dogs and Cats!


Life is busy and time is so valuable! Even though we are always in hustle and bustle mode, making sure our animals are healthy and well cared for is one of the top priorities! There are a lot of questions on treats! What are the most healthy and best for your animal? We hear that things are bad all the time then in the next article we read it says they are good! So confusing sometimes! In my personal opinion simple, natural and minimal ingredients that all serve a purpose is the best way to go!

When I first started making our rescue staffy Sedona treats I researched alot for healthy foods for dogs. I looked up WHY they are nutritious and good for them. I wanted to make sure whatever was going in her body served a purpose and I wanted her to enjoy the taste of the treats most importantly.  I think if we feed our dogs fresh and natural treats that are healthy for your bodies it can only improve their quality of life and spoil them with goodness at the same time! My treats are created to be easily made so time isnt an issue, inexpensive to help keep your wallet full, healthy for your dogs life and boy, and a fun little way to show your animal you love and care about them!


Check out all the recipes I have posted and keep an eye out for all the ones to come!

Happy Holidays, from Our home to yours!




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