T-Shirt Time for this Dog Mom

Hey Ya’ll!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE a comfy casual T-shirt I can wear with jean or even a maxi skirt! I also love to wear clothing that supports the thing I am passionate about most, animals. And lastly, I love supporting small businesses that are doing great things to give back! Dog Mommys was able to deliver on ALL THREE!



This shirt is super comfy! Supports all the amazing dogs in the world and especially supports Shelter dogs like my sweet Sedona was before we rescued her! With every purchase 20 shelter dogs get fed! That’s amazing! Every life in these shelters matter! This family owned business is giving back and trying to helping these homeless shelter dogs stay fed while awaiting their forever home. As most of us know, a lot of shelters are kill shelters so TIME is precious and running out for these innocent dogs and cats! The more we donate, educate and spread the word about how amazing shelter animals are the more homes there might be for them! #adoptdontshop  If you cant adopt or foster try and give back in some way! Donate to the shelters, volunteer, or support companies that donate that are making a difference! Again, every life matters, including an animals life. Lets get these fur-babies rescued and in good loving FUREVER HOMES!!


Badass Mother Pupper t-shirt is my favorite! Perfect for my husband to show off his support for our sweet Sedona! He fell in love with her the moment we saw her at MCACC shelter! They have the sweetest relationship! They go on runs, workout, nap, wrestle and play together all the time! She is definitely daddy’s little girl! This shirt is perfect for this Navy Veteran!

Dog Mommys has so many awesome Graphic Tees. They have things for Guys and Gals both! They even sell Dog Pillows! Another great perk of ordering from Dog Mommys is, FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!!! Score!!!

Check out Dog Mommys to see other views and sizing of our shirts and many more! Don’t forget, every purchase feeds 20 shelter dogs!



photo from Dog Mommys

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