So Fresh, So Clean Clean!

I don’t know about you but I love the feeling of being clean and fresh! We sweat, get oily and sometimes get a little stinky! That’s when a nice shower comes into play and cleans us up!! Unlike humans where we produce oil and sweat all over our bodies, dogs don’t! Did you know that dogs only sweat out of areas on there body not covered in fur! Don’t forget inside their ears, they have oil glands in there!
Because they don’t produce much sweat or oil they don’t get stinky as fast as humans! The question is how often should you bathe your pup?? My advice, once per month! If your dog produces an odor quicker than bathe more frequently but be careful of drying the skin out! Look into a moisture enriched product! With dogs not producing oil glands on most of their body they don’t have a lot of extra moisture to their skin which makes it easily dried out and can lead to irritation!
Some dogs have to get a little more pampering than the basic wash! Grooming is a must with some breeds like Australian Sheppard’s, Bichon Frise, Chows, Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzu, Maltese’s and different Terriers just to name a few! There are lots of different options for grooming now! Local boutique grooming, travel to you grooming, petsmart groomers and even self serve places!
So whether you are your pups groomer or you take yours somewhere, it’s important to know proper timing and what’s best for your pet!

I am a full time hairstylist and business owner so dealing with products is apart of my daily life! I love trying different products on my own hair and that’s been passed on to Sedona!! We have tried all kinds of products for her bathing! Tropiclean is one of my favorites Iv used thus far!! The first thing that intrigued me about this product is all the natural ingredients in it! Then I opened the cap to smell this product and I was SOLD!!!! It smells amazing!! They have many different scented ones with different purposes so you are sure to find one that will work great for your dog!

Good news is you can use it on your cat too!! Score!


Some benefits of this product:

  • Shampoo & Conditioning combo
  • For dogs and cats of all ages BUT humans can use as well!
  • All natural ingredients!
  • Earth friendly product (bottle made from 50% recycled material)
  • Soap FREE
  • if using flea products, this shampoo will not interrupt flea products from working
  • Works up a good lather during bathing which helps get ultra clean!
  • Coconut and mango ingredients help with relaxing and de-tangling to help with smoother brushing
  • Kiwi and Papaya nourishes and moisturized skin to help with dry skin.
  • Has a super sweet and refreshing smell to kill odor which ensures sweetest snuggles!



mps-tropiclean-shampooThere are many other amazing smelling options if this scent doesn’t strike your fancy! I purchased this from Pet Depot!  (Side note: I love Pet Depot! If your looking for a specialty, different kind of pet store it has more of a boutique feel, that’s what I love near me!) You can also find these products online! This lasts awhile too so you definitely get your monies worth! Hooray!!!

Sedona doesn’t love getting into the bath but she loves to feel clean! After the bath she runs around like a wild woman and rubs herself on everything in our home! She rubs herself on walls, chairs, couches, beds, the cats and literally everything she can touch!! Bath time is always a fun time for us!


This product also leaves Sedona feeling so soft and her coat looks totally shiny!! I’m loving this shampoo for her!!

If your looking for a new product I definitely recommend it!! And check out all the other products they have too!!

Hope you enjoy!

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