Music and Animals!

Since I met my husband Sean we have shared a common passion in music!! You would never catch us doing anything without our jams goin in the background!! In our home it’s a common occurrence to have breakfast for dinner (our favorite food/meal at any time of day)! Our tradition when cooking breakfast for dinner is to shut OFF the TV, turn the lights down low, scrambles up some eggs, whip up some protein pancakes, turn on some Stick Figure and dance all night in the kitchen!



When our rescue Pitty/Staffy Sedona came into the picture she loved hanging out with us in the kitchen! Mainly to hopefully catch any food that we “accidentally” drop on the ground!! But she also loved the music and dancing with us!

We are always listening to music when on walks, runs, and bopping around town riding in the car! We are influenced by many different genres and constantly look for new music!!

When I realized that Sedona enjoyed music I googled, ‘Dogs liking music’. Turns out music is a real thing for dogs!! How cool!!

Music & Animals:

  • Music can soothe your pup (example: classical music can relax and soothe your dog or cat)
  • Music can make your pup more riled up (example: heavy rock or metal can make your dog or cat anxious and agitated)
  • Music can help your pup rest better and/or rest longer
  • Music can have an effect on heart rate and brain activity
  • Music can be therapeutic to dogs and cats
  • Different tones of music can effect different emotions just like humans!


In my personal opinion I think it’s all about observing your animal. Letting them experience different sounds and see how they react to it! After all sounds and observation is the main communication we have with animals.

When dogs/cats are in shelters they experience many different things but sounds are a big thing! There is so much noise and scary sounds happening all around them and they are completely vulnerable and confused. If you have rescued your pup and he/she doesn’t react well to certain sounds then some type of tone in that noise reminds them of a negative experience. Sometimes it’s hard to understand our rescues actions and that can be frustrating. But we always needs to remember, they don’t have a voice. They are trusting us to be patient and understand them for they only want to please us, love us and be in our pack!

Music is a enjoyment for our Sedona! It aids in her life adventures! Whether sniffing various bushes, jogging on sidewalks, walking through grassy fields, cruisin in the car, or chillin with her crew she’s getting the good vibe from her jams!
Good Vibes is what she is all about!
That being said, we want to share Sedona’s Good Vibe Pup Playlist!

If your pup is anything like ours they will love this!
These adventure jams are an eclectic compilation of different songs that we have observed over time that Sedona loves!

I use Spotify for all our music listening!  If you use or want to start using this….we have a public playlist! Search: SEDONA’S DOGGIE DAY PLAYLIST


Jammmm with us while on a stroll or cruisin on a ride! Spread the good vibes!!


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