Welcome Everyone!

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little about my story and how my family got to the place we are at today!

My name is Chelsea. I reside in the desert of AZ with my husband Sean and our 3 furry family member. Since I can remember I have always had a connection to animals. I was THAT girl at the sleepover that would be hanging out with the animals instead of her friends! lol! As I grew up I always found myself being drawn to helping animals and finding out more information about animal shelters and rescues. I started volunteering at the Arizona Humane Society and I was hooked right off the bat. My first rescue was our Maine Coon named Indie (aka Doo, Doobickle, Roobickle). He was a 4 month old stray kitten that was found on the side of the road in the desert by a good Samaritan. One of my close friends calls him the Sour Patch Cat! Because he is so sweet most of the time but can be suuuper sour at other times! As Doo got out of his kitty phase he started to develop somewhat of a aggressive personality. Him and I have had a long road of working together, having patience with each other and being consistent which has resulted in him living a pawsitive, happy life. I never gave up on him because I knew he was troubled and with love he would be okay one day! Alot of people don’t take the time to understand their animals and why they do the things they do. Patience is necessary! He is a very sweet boy and will always be my little boy!


Five years later I met my amazing husband Sean. Like many things we have in common, we share a common compassion and love for animals. Sean grew up in a family that loved animals and believed in rescuing/adopting! We knew we wanted to rescue from the local shelter in town (Maricopa County Animal Care & Control).

For anyone who has never experienced going to a shelter/pound, let me tell you our experience: Friday evening we arrived at the shelter. We went into this adoption process with a 100% open mind. We had no restrictions and no expectations. We wanted to take the time to pick the dog we connected with best to ensure a perfect forever home. We opened the door to the shelter and we were engulfed with the sound of barking dogs. These innocent dogs live in jail like cells made of concrete that echos louder and louder with ever yelp and bark made. As you walk down the isles of abandon, scared, lonely dogs it is overwhelmingly sad. Before I knew it my eyes were filling with tears and my throat was tightening up. I turned around to Sean and he was about on my level too. So many sweet dogs with no voice to explain their story. 95% of them are Pitbull mixes and Mutts. Getting my barrings I start to read the identification/info papers of these dogs and most of them have no story. You have no idea why they are there, what this dog has seen and experienced in its life, if it has been abused in any way, if it has been forced to starve, if its family just got tired of it, or if they were a prisoner because of their humans poor choices or ignorance. So many unanswered questions. As we are approaching the end of the first isle, I see her. I see the dog that was about to change our lives forever. I saw the outline of her dark brindle body and I saw her sweet innocent eyes. Every other dog in the place was yelping and barking but not her. She sat there patiently, and when I walked up to her she put her dainty paw right up to the metal gate and said “Hi” first. I for some reason in that moment knew she was the one. I called Sean over and he fell in love instantly. I was so focused on her I hadn’t noticed her info papers. Sean grabbed her papers to see her story. She was 9 months old and was found on the side of the road lost, covered in scars on her stomach. She was then surrendered to MCACC. No one came looking for her, no one claimed her. She was to be euthanized the next day. There was no question she was the one. After we got all the paperwork and details in order we were able to take our sweet girl home! The moment we walked out of the shelter with her all of our energies shifted! She was running around like she was freed and spoken for. When we all got in the car I turned around and looked at her sitting in the back seat looking at me. I told her, “You will never come back to this place again. We are your family now and you will never be alone again. Your going to have a great life!” Here we are years later and we are still fulfilling that promise to her every day.

We ended up naming her Sedona (aka Doni, D, DD, Sis, Girl, Ms. Sis).


Back story on Sedona’s name: Sean and I fell in love in the town of Sedona. It is such a special place for us. When we got her we fell so in love with her instantly, we felt that was a perfect name! She has a lot of little nicknames but she responds to each one lol!

Our most recent rescue is our baby boy Groot! He is a gray Tabby cat with the most fun personality! He’s a sprinter, climber, dangler, player and adorable sleeper! He is named from the character in Guardians of the Galaxy, baby Groot. His mom was a stray in a neighborhood that was populated with many stray and feral cats. One of the neighbors that lives near was very unhappy with this and threatened to kill Groots mom specifically because she was pregnant and he didn’t want any more cats running around the neighborhood. The pregnant cat was removed from the neighbors area immediately and taken to a safer space to deliver her babies. Just a couple days later she gave birth! Totally out numbered, Groot was the only boy in the liter! When we rescued him he wasn’t but 6-8 weeks old. He was TINY!! He adapted to his new home very well and has become best friends with Sedona! We love watching him bond with every family member, even his grumpy older brother Doo!

That is our Pack in a nutshell! From our house of pawsitive thinking and love to yours.

From one rescue mom to another. I’m here to advocate for animals and be the voice they don’t have. To help and give other rescue families ideas and ways to make their experiences with their fur-babies pawsitive and fun!

Hope you enjoy my blog!

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  1. speak766 says:

    Great post! Adorable pictures!

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    1. Tails of a Rescue Mom says:

      Thank you so much!!!! 🙂


  2. Mary Ann says:

    All is beautiful! The story, pets, and the bride 🙂

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